Kaela Saez - Clinical Yoga and Wellness Instructor for Southern California , Trauma,  recovery, addiction, meditation, mindfulness

trauma informed recovery series

Core Competencies are at the center of all of our application methods, 12- step recovery + trauma-informed, each was created for the purpose of cultivating the perpetual application of learned behavior modifications that act to stabilize one’s self, for experience in promoting a positive relationship with one's body + mind, empowerment and emotional resiliency. Each is tailored to the facility’s priorities and customized to each individual client. Read More

Yoga and meditation make natural companions to the healing process of recovery programs and rehabilitation in that they carry the unified goal of redefining one's boundaries, capabilities, and strengths. Yoga is an additional means of healing offering specialized support to the person forming a new life, free from addiction to drugs and alcohol. The gift of sobriety helps those in practice to regain peace of mind, and yoga is another channel to tap into this new found life force.

Addiction, depression, behavioral issues, relationship stress, and health issues are often the result of unresolved trauma. The goal of a trauma-informed practice is to build foundational blocks for resiliency and establish greater self-regulation through mind-body awareness in a purposeful meditative practice. Balancing the learning of transparency and feeling safe in our bodies, and our minds is vital to living a well rounded, functional life.

Through this twelve module series, we work to identify, disarm and replace ineffective trauma responses in order to work towards thoughtful goals and intentions for recovery; offering a sustainable and successful journey in recovery by arming individuals with the tools to feel safe and empowered in their day-to-day interactions.







Kaela Saez - Clinical Yoga and Wellness Instructor for Southern California , Trauma,  recovery, addiction, meditation, mindfulness

Meet Kaela

A California native, Kaela Saez has been practicing yoga since 2010. Having taught all over the world, Kaela developed her passion in self-transformation, the constant process of human development and holistic living.

Believing that yoga and meditation make natural companions to the self healing process, she hopes to share with others the warm clarity that these practices have cultivated in her life, as well as the tools to achieve it. Her latest platform of work has been the incorporation of stress management through trauma sensitive yoga.

Kaela currently educates those struggling with mental health and addiction, teaching them how to feel safe in their bodies and minds allowing them to establish greater self-regulation through conscious awareness and offering the foundation they need for emotional resiliency.