what to expect

at our retreats


immersion + detox

Looking to cleanse your body, mind, heart, and soul? The delicious, healthy food that we integrate into our retreats will help nourish and cleanse your body from the inside out. But that’s not the only detox you’ll experience - by stepping away from the physical and digital distractions that cloud our everyday lives - we get to practice a level of digital detox as well. No cell phone buzzing or boss reminding you about deadlines. On retreats, it feels a lot more natural to breathe deeply and be present in the moment.


practice presence

Self reflection can often feel somewhat selfish or maybe even a little scary, especially when we devote so much of our practice in recovery focusing on relieving ourselves of our own selfishness. We may be fearful of what we will discover about ourselves when we take time to reflect but in this safe space, surrounded with like-mind and growth oriented peers- you will be able to practice being present with the emotions, whether good or bad, while removing judgement from your thoughts or emotions about situations in your life.


reflection + meditation

It’s easy to let diligent meditation fall to the way side in our day to day lives, but when meditation and reflection *is* the to-do list -it’s a lot easier to hear what’s really going on between your ears. Whatever your reasons or levels of experience, our retreats will help you to go beyond, and possibly even soar above. As well as finding some relaxation and peace during meditation, the goal of a meditation practice is to understand and train the mind to let go of negative thoughts and delusions, tap into your creativity and your true peaceful, loving self and realize our true potential.


deepen your practice

Our retreats are designed for newcomers and experts alike to take their practice to the next level. Maybe you've been practicing for a while now, experienced its amazing benefits first hand, and are keen for more. Or maybe you've just heard all about it and are ready to experience the magic in an immersive experience. Our retreats will include twice daily yoga, which in itself will increase your strength, flexibility, and your awareness of your own practice more than you would ever believe. Coupled with on-site meetings, guided meditations, clean cuisine, life changing experiences and so much more.



private retreats

For more information on our upcoming retreats and exclusive invitations, be sure to register for our mailing list. If you have a private retreat that you’d like to organize, please inquire below and we’ll work out all the details with you.